What if You Don’t Have a Bit of Earth?

One of my favorite parts of visiting the NW Flower & Garden Show is being inspired by other gardeners. But it can be pretty intimidating viewing the show gardens, especially if you don’t have a large space or even a bit of earth to develop. This is where the Small Space Showcase really shines. Realizing not everyone has the time or resources for a grand garden, NWF&GS features container gardens in the Sky Bridge at the Washington State Convention Center. I have a real passion for helping small space gardeners. I want to inspire you to take advantage of your small area or balcony to bring some nature into your life. Even if you don’t have an outdoor place, houseplants are an excellent way to enjoy the benefits of nature. Still feel intimidated? Contact me for a consultation and let’s work together to create your space of natural beauty.

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5 Responses to What if You Don’t Have a Bit of Earth?

  1. Beth Tarras says:

    Jumping into a large garden can be really intimidating for novice gardeners. This is a wonderful way for many of us to play in the dirt, without the stress of a huge garden to maintain!
    I can’t wait to see and read more!

  2. Beth Tarras says:

    I wish you were closer to Madison! I do want to consult with you regarding a raised flower bed I’m putting in my yard!

  3. In the future, I am going to try to address novice gardening more thoroughly. And give me a call – maybe we can work something out, long distance.

  4. Suellen says:

    Totally! I am a condo owner with only a princess balcony –when I fill it with big pots of flowering plants — it is not makes the building look great from the outside but I get full enjoyment of the beauty from inside as well!

    • What a great way to bring nature into your life & integrate it into your environment. Thanks for telling me your idea. Since I’ve seen it myself, I know it is always gorgeous.

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