NWFGS2013 076The process of creating this show garden has given me many opportunities to experience the generous nature of so many people.  I want to thank John Adams, the author of The Dragonfly Door. As I’ve mentioned, I want my Dragonfly garden to highlight the healing properties of nature. Yet at the same time I wanted to highlight the theme of this year’s Northwest Flower & Garden Show, “Gardens Go Hollywood.” So I spent quite a bit of time researching and looking for a movie which personally helped me in my grief process. I was reminded of the movie, Dragonfly, which depicts the grief process of a widower whose wife died in Venezuela. Although this movie is a bit on the metaphysical side, it honestly depicts grief. But my dragonfly connection did not end there. I had also discovered the book, The Dragonfly Door, whose purpose is to explain to children about grief and loss, particularly when another child dies. The Dragonfly Door, along with its companion book, The Dragonfly Secret by Clea & John Adams, has been helpful in my own grief journey. Clea & John Adams generously provided me with a copy so you can preview it at my garden. If you would like more information, please contact Feather Rock Books or ask your local bookstore for a copy. In the meantime, enjoy a preview photo of my garden. (Click on the photo to see a larger version.)

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