Red Wigglers – the “Cadillac of Worms”

Red Wigglers in the midst of already decomposed compost

Red Wigglers in the midst of already decomposed compost

This weekend it’s been all about worms. I have been creating my own garden compost with the help of Red Wigglers – a type of worm that has adapted to living in close conditions, doesn’t burrow and quickly assists in decaying organic materials. I’ve been amazed how fast the worms transform my combination of newspaper, leaves and organic material (my own food scraps of vegetables, fruits and bread) into garden soil. After I put this through the screen, I will add it to my raised, vegetable bed by turning it over and into the existing soil with my garden fork. In the meantime, I’ve already bedded the empty half of my worm bin with torn, moistened newspaper, leaves I saved from last fall & the latest fruit and vegetable scraps from my kitchen. The red wigglers will naturally move from one half of the bin to this second half as I put fruit and vegetable scraps into the new bedding. Have you ever used red wigglers to break down your compost pile? Where do you use your compost?

Update 4/28/2013: Would you like to buy some red wigglers for your own worm bin? Purchase them at the Seattle Tilth Edible Plant Sale the first weekend of May.

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