Grow those veg!

Floating Row CoverSpring has definitely sprung in the Pacific Northwest. This past weekend we nearly made it to 70F! I, for one, am very glad I had already planted my early spring veggies a couple weeks ago: snow peas, snap peas, corn salad (aka mache), Tom Thumb lettuces, onions, leeks, etc. I have been keeping a floating row cover (aka remay) over my veg to keep them protected in the cool, over night temperatures. Even the nights below 30F, my veg all made it through, thanks to the floating row cover. Now that the night temps are staying in the 40’s, I’m using a cloche. I found the plans through Sunset Magazine. I am draping a plastic cloth over the cloche. I keep the ends open to ventilate. A side benefit is that with the extra heat, the veg grow a bit faster. I can’t wait til I can eat my very own, organically-grown, salad! That reminds me, I need to find some beet starts – doesn’t that sound delicious in this green salad?

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