A Toilet Roll in the Garden?

A Collared Snow Pea!Is that photo right? Is that a toilet roll surrounding the pea plant?

Yes, it is. I am a huge fan of snap and snow peas, but its nemesis is the cutworm. The cutworm loves the new tender shoots of snap and snow peas and literally cuts down the vine. The good news is that the most effective tool to combat the cutworm is to grow these tasty peas with a paper roll around it. Think of the pea wearing a collar. It is efficient enough to prevent the cut worm from getting close enough to cut it down. Isn’t this a great way to combat a garden pest with an eco-friendly, sustainable pesticide? And you even have the benefit of reusing this resource before the weather, elements and yes, worms! recycle it. By the time the rolls have disappeared the cutworm has moved on from the consuming stage in its life cycle and transformed into a moth.

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5 Responses to A Toilet Roll in the Garden?

  1. Joan Ganley says:

    GREAT IDEA!!!! I’ll have to try that in May when we put in the garden.

  2. Looking for ahead to reading extra from you in a while!? Im usually to blogging and i really respect your content.

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