Hard at Work

Covering the Cover Crop!What are these two doing? They are helping breakdown my cover crop. Each fall, in order to rejuvenate and restore the nutrients in my garden soil, I plant a cover crop. It’s full of good nitrogen – fixing plants such as vetch, clover, and faba beans. I plant this in late October – early November to give the plants time to generate before the frost comes. (In the midwest, I’d probably do this in late September – early October). Then I leave the crop in all winter long to do its work. In preparation for spring planting (usually late February – March), I chop up the crop with my garden shovel and cover to speed decomposition. I want to chop up the crop before the plants flower and go to seed. (In the midwest, I’d either do this as soon as the snow melts or wait until I see the crocus bulbs poking through the soil.) Some years, as in this photo, I put down newspaper and burlap bags. Other years, I use cardboard. I should be ready for my mid to late Spring planting in 2-3 weeks. For more information on cover crops, go to Organic Gardening.

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    Can they come over and make my bed?

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