Some of My Favorite Sales

Spring is here with days of rain and sunshine. I’m getting ready for some of my favorite plant sales. I wish they weren’t all the same weekend as I volunteer at many of them.

April 27-28 & May 4-5 9am – 3pm Environmental Horticulture @ Lake Washington Institute of Technology. This plant sale features an amazing variety of annuals, perennials and vegetables, all propagated by the students.

May 4 9am – 1pm Kubota Garden Spring Plant Sale This features great deals on shrubs and trees, raising money for the Kubota Foundation. If you haven’t already checked out Kubota in South Seattle, take the time to see this Northwest inspired, Japanese garden.

May 4 – 5 9am – 3pm Seattle Tilth Edible Plant Sale What can I say? I love to eat fruits and vegetables from my own garden. I’ve been attending this plant sale since I moved to the Pacific Northwest. If you are interested in composting with red wiggler worms, this is the place to obtain them.

May 4 8am – 5pm & May 5 10am – 3pm King County Master Garden Sale Another great resource for plants, native plants and edibles.  I’ve found some great deals on options I couldn’t find at the other plant sales.

If these aren’t enough to fill your garden, go to the Northwest Horticulture Society for a list of all the area plant sales. Many are sponsored by local garden clubs, non-profits and schools.

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