ClocheI’m looking forward to this weekend and coming home with more vegetable and flower starts! While walking in another neighborhood, I saw some ingenious ways to take advantage of sunny spaces in people’s front yards. Notice this different kind of cloche. The frames are sturdy so the top wont be blown over when it’s open. I like that the cover is cloudy as it keeps less heat from escaping during the night. And you’ll notice how well the lettuces grow by keeping some heat in at night.  I’ve been happy with not only how well my own vegetables have been growing, but also at how my cloches and remay (floating row cover) have kept the birds and pests away, except for the slugs of course. (I’m thinking of doubling my anti-slug measures by using narrow copper sheets at the top of my raised beds in addition to slug bait and traps. More on that later.)

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