Top Chef for Worms & Healthy Soil for Better Food

Have you seen this MSNBC interview with Tom Colicchio and Melissa Harris-Perry? About three and a half minutes into this interview, he speaks about how the chemicals being used to eradicate weeds are also destroying the ecosystem in the fields. No crickets, no worms for healthy soil, which leads to a soil that can’t retain water and is washed off. In other words, the nutrients which build healthy food is missing. A healthy soil has active worms in it. It’s like Las Vegas, build it up and they will come. This is one of my main motivations for using organic practices at home and wanting the farming industry to use them as well. Without healthy soil, how can we know our food is safe? Watch the interview for yourself. A longer version is available at the end of the story.

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4 Responses to Top Chef for Worms & Healthy Soil for Better Food

  1. Donald E. Lewis says:

    I have been an Organic Farmer and Gardener fo over sixty years. Please lookup my profile and book Learned by the Fenceepost by typing this Title on Google. Also an Article just published in the National Geographic Our Fertilized World well worth reading. It mirrors my facts and theories over sixty years ago. I have published two articles “Monsato is the Monster of our Unhealthy Food Prodution And—- Farmers caught in the bay debate.. Please send an email with the @ so I can attach my document.

  2. Donald- Thank you for responding to my post. I am intrigued by your book. I looked at the summary on Generations of Organic and am impressed by the anecdote whereby the cows chose to eat the organic fertilized corn instead of the chemically fertilized corn. It’s amazing how if we work with nature and observe the natural rhythms already in place, it is for the benefit of all. I’ll send an email separately to receive your article. Thanks.

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  4. Meredith – Thanks for recommending my blog. I’ve enjoyed looking at yours as well. I’ve wanted to comment a couple times, but can’t find your comments section. Do you have that option?

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