After a Rainy Day

A Dufflepud?It’s the day after a long stormy, rainy day. This means it’s a perfect day to catch up on weeding, see which plants need some extra attention because they are lying on the ground, and see how many slugs have decided to visit! I admit it, I’ve reluctantly become a fan of the slug & even can see how important they are in the garden. My photo shows it’s protruding eyes, then below that, you’ll see it’s little arms that help it maneuver. A slug only has one foot, which is  under it’s entire body. So it’s a monopod – it’s foot is an incredibly strong muscle, which moves the slug around with it’s slime to make it easier. That slime can even protect a slug from getting cut when moving across glass! I’ve often wondered how it maneuvered up the spiny stem of zucchinis, when those spines prick my hand! I’d like to know if CS Lewis was inspired by these monopods in his own garden to create his Dufflepuds! He preferred his monopods to be upright and jumping instead of sliding around.

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