Let the Sun Shine In

Lemon QueenI challenged myself a bit this year. Rather than buying sunflower starts at a local plant sale, I decided to start some from seeds. So in May, once the temperatures were nice and warm, I planted a few seeds in the sunniest and hottest part of the garden. I watered these seeds everyday. A couple weeks later with no seed germination, I planted a few more. Then a couple additional weeks without germination, so more seeds in the ground. By this time, I ran out of seeds & needed a different seed packet. Finally, in July, a few seedlings peeked through the soil. I watered and fed these seedlings with a liquid fertilizer, hoping to encourage growth.  All through July and August, they slowly grew until last week, one strong bloom finally emerged! I am still waiting on 5 plants & hoping my vision of sunflowers along the rudebekias materializes this year. There are at least 3 large buds, but no signs of anymore blooms yet. I’d like to see them before the weather turns cool with autumn.

How did you challenge yourself in the garden this year?

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