BeeRecently, it’s been hard to keep posting. I set a goal for once a week and some weeks the ideas easily come to me, but lately, it’s been a struggle. My goal has been to encourage and educate people how to garden, using good stewardship practices. As we honor and facilitate healing of the Earth, we promote our own healing by allowing the Earth’s natural processes to work with us. Please comment if there’s a topic you’re curious about.

Last week, I attended an excellent class about beekeeping, taught by Ballard Bee Company. I highly recommend this class if you are interested in becoming a beekeeper. Even with all my recent enthusiastic posts about bees, I’m not ready to keep honey bees myself. But I’d be very happy if a keeper wanted to site them at my garden. I like providing bees a safe, pesticide-free & pollen-rich garden with fruits, vegetables, flowers and other plants. I’d like to see the hive drama and activity, particularly of the guard bees at the entrance. Wouldn’t it be fun to see photos of the bees returning to the hive, covered with pollen? I’m also curious what the honey – from the plants in and near my garden – would taste like.

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