Not Just Another Pretty Flower

CalendulaI’ve been exploring using edible flowers in my landscape for the last few years. I’ve enjoyed planting calendulas, nasturtiums and pansies, among others throughout my garden. This year, I decided to go the next step and create healing salves out of calendula. Calendula is a flower known for its healing properties for the skin. I attended a workshop on creating salves & now am applying my new skills.

It’s going a bit slower than expected as I don’t yet have a food dehydrator. Calendula flowers are too fragile to dry in the oven so I’m drying them in the driest area of my house. My plan is to create calendula oil. In the salves, I also plan to use some comfrey, lavender and whatever else appeals to me.

I’ve been using the salve I made at the workshop to heal the various scratches and scrapes I have from gardening full time. I’ve been comparing how well the calendula salve works with a store bought non-flower brand. So far, the calendula has been more successful – both in time and lack of scarring A couple years ago, I used a comfrey salve when I burned my hand. Within a week it was completely healed & scar-free.

I’m looking forward to continuing this natural process of healing. Have you ever created your own salve or used one you purchased at a farmer’s market or health-food store? I’d like to hear about your experience. Til next week!

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