Temperatures turn cold this weekend & daylight is shorter than night’s twilight. In the Midwest, snow has already fallen and the temperature highs are lower than the Northwest’s lows. My vegetable garden has been ready for weeks. This year, I managed to be done before Halloween. I am pleased with myself as I often don’t get to this until mid to late November. I planted my cover crop on my veg beds and most of it has sprouted. I also planted my garlic bulbs & am looking forward to next year’s summer when I harvest them, lay them out to dry and braid them for easy, hanging storage. I have covered my flower beds with fallen leaves and made sure to deeply mulch the crown of the rose bushes. All I have left to plant are daffodil bulbs. It is late for planting, but each year it has been fun to see a second flush of daffs in the Spring – because I took my time the previous fall, sometimes waiting til late December or January to put them in the ground.

How do you prepare your garden beds for winter? And those of you in the southern hemisphere, what are you doing in your garden now?

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