Orange CalendulaIf you live in the northern part of the northern hemisphere,  these days gardening is something you primarily dream about. Lately, short days with freezing temps (below 0C) and snow, I haven’t been able to prune. I’ve been enjoying the sun while cleaning spent needles out of pines and hinokis.

So on this shortest day of the year, I’m dreaming about those sunny, healing flowers of orange, yellow and red. Today, I’m going to strain the calendula blossoms from the oil they’ve been in the last few weeks. This infused calendula oil will make healing salves throughout the year. I expect to use them for all the little nicks and cuts I get while gardening. Last winter was temperate and the calendula made it through the winter. But in Spring, I’ll need to begin again as it looks like most of the calendula plants didn’t survive this month. Good thing I saved seeds.

Happy Winter Solstice in the North and Summer Solstice in the South. May you enjoy this beautiful day, no matter your its length.

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