Pre-Spring Activities

CrocusIt feels odd to write about Spring gardening tasks while most of North America is still under inches, if not feet of snow. And I realize that many of you in the UK are still dealing with flooding. But this is the time of year to think about getting your garden ready for Spring planting.

Here, Spring bulbs are blooming and those mid – late bulbs are emerging from the ground. If you haven’t already, prune your roses by cutting them down to about 18″; but at an angle just above an outward facing bud. Be sure all the dead canes are removed as well as any canes or branches going through the middle. With roses, I consistently make each cut angled. This encourages the rain drops to drip off instead of entering the cane core, preventing some rose diseases.

In addition, I have begun to break down my cover crop I planted last fall. I first chop up the cover crop with a sharp shovel, then cover it with newspaper, then cardboard. I want the nutrients of the cover crop to be incorporated into my vegetable beds before the flowers appear. That way, I have the nutritional benefits without additional seeds that sprout and spread more plants I don’t want.

What are your garden dreams in this pre-Spring season?

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