Bringing the Outdoors In

BouquetOne of the easiest things you can do when the weather is dreary and you need some brightness, is forcing flowerings plants to open. I brought in some magnolia branches (the white fuzzy buds), rhododendrons with flower buds not yet open and pine branches. I arranged them in a clear vase and within a week to 10 days I hope to see flowers appear.

I am still working on my ikebana, but here, the magnolia buds represent heaven, the rhodies man, and the pine earth. I like the softness of the pines against the broad leaves and the white magnolia buds pop.

To do this yourself, I recommend waiting until the weather is above freezing to bring flowering plants indoors. You want to be sure your cuts won’t cause damage to the plant. Also, rather than just cutting anywhere along the branch, make the cut just above a bud or where the branch meets another.

I’ve been having fun with cuttings and forcings this year. It’s not just for Paper Whites in December. In January, I took some cuttings from a witchhazel. The blooms lasted about two and half weeks.

I’d like to see your photos of winter bouquets. What materials do you have on hand to make these creations?

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