NasturtiumsNasturtiums are such a bright addition to the garden. I enjoy them a lot; in other people’s gardens. They attract so many aphids that I stopped planting them in my own. However, I came across this beautiful container today. Completely aphid free & such a wonderful trailing flower to brighten the box. I believe having them in a box & off the ground gives enough air flow to deter aphids.

I’m inspired to use nasturtiums as a new addition next year. Since I create my containers using ikebana principles, I view the trailers as symbolizing the Earth Realm. Red nasturtiums to symbolize the rich, red earth is going to be stunning. Nasturtiums are also edible. They add color and spiciness to a salad. I’ll post my inspired photos next year! But in the meantime, enjoy the photo I took today!

Which plants do you like to use as the trailers, aka the Earth Realm?

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2 Responses to Nasturtiums

  1. cookiespet says:

    When I was a child, my mother had beautiful flowers, including nasturtiums. Last year I planted a few (multicolored) nasturtium seeds in a raised bed that also has hydrangeas in it. The nasturtiums were beautiful, trailing the 2-3 feet to the ground in the raised bed. This year I’m putting in some red ones.

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